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PSG is an established office fit-out and commercial refurbishment company, it’s their goal to create workplaces which empower staff and foster corporate growth.

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PSG's existing website fell short of accurately portraying the innovativeness and high standard of their services. The design was missing the touch of contemporary aesthetics and user-friendly features, and it didn't showcase their projects adequately.

There was also a performance issue across different devices. The mission in hand was to revitalize their online presence, presenting their brand and portfolio in a sophisticated, minimalist, and modern style.

Project solution

Our journey with PSG involved a thorough website revamp to mirror their brand values while prioritizing the user experience. The reimagined website came with an easy-to-navigate layout spread over five key pages: Home, About, What We Do, Projects, and Contact.

We went for a minimalist design to make sure the website maintained a neat, impactful layout, allowing their content and images to be the main attraction. This design brought their impressive portfolio of projects and case studies into the limelight. We also included modern and engaging interactions to pique user interest and enhance user engagement.

Performance optimization was another significant focus area, ensuring that the website loaded swiftly and smoothly across all devices. This optimization strategy aimed to deliver an exceptional user experience, irrespective of the device used to access the site.

12 November 2022
Services offered
Website redesign
Motion design
Panthera Design

Simple, yet impacful motion design

Minimalistic, modern design

CMS Video page for agency
CMS Video page for agency
CMS Video page for agency
CMS Video page for agency
CMS Video page for agency
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