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Siber Facades Group, an architectural powerhouse, renowned for transforming city skylines with their innovative facade designs

Siber Facades Group Website


In an industry where precision and visual impact are paramount, Siber Facades required a website that not only showcased their portfolio but also conveyed their expertise and the scale of their capabilities.

Our strategy was to construct a digital showroom—a platform where the artistry of Siber Facades' work could take center stage. The design was to be clean, cutting-edge, and visual-centric, emphasizing their project imagery and architectural philosophy.


The project kicked off with in-depth research into architectural design trends and digital storytelling. The website was structured around a visual-first approach, with high-definition project galleries, interactive elements, and a minimalist layout that mirrored the modernity of Siber Facades' work.

Accessibility and user experience were key; we ensured that the platform was responsive and engaging across all devices. The navigation was designed to be intuitive, allowing users to effortlessly explore the full spectrum of Siber Facades' services and projects.

Deduxer's execution of the Siber Facades website solidified their online authority in the architectural industry. It served as a cornerstone for their branding, reinforcing their reputation as innovators in facade design.

Nov 2023
Services offered
3D & Motion
Webflow development
Website Design
Siber Facade Group Inc

Minimalistic identity yet bold visions

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CMS Video page for agency
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