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Casas Kismet, nestled in Nosara, Costa Rica, is an exclusive retreat center dedicated to wellness, yoga, and martial arts, offering a unique sanctuary for rejuvenation and growth.

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We were tasked with creating a website for Casas Kismet that reflected its diverse offerings: yoga and martial arts retreats, wellness programs, locally-sourced cuisine, and local excursions. It was equally important to visually present the center's serene environment, with ocean views and a yoga shala enveloped by nature.

The challenge lay in using Webflow, a low-code, high-performance tool, to design an immersive, intuitive online platform. The goal was to echo the tranquility and variety of experiences at Casas Kismet, while also ensuring easy discovery and booking of services. Merging aesthetics, usability, and technology, we sought to build a platform that encapsulated all these aspects succinctly.

Project solution

Addressing the challenge of revamping Casas Kismet's website, we leveraged Webflow to build a low-code, visually appealing platform that syncs with the serene, wellness-focused ethos of the retreat center. A standout feature is the interactive 360 tour we integrated, which enables users to virtually roam the property, elevating the immersive user experience.

The website features a constantly updated 'Upcoming Retreats' section, dynamically managed via Webflow's CMS, keeping visitors abreast of upcoming events. We also included a live-filtering FAQ page for smooth user engagement, along with a well-curated blog, offering insights into wellness practices and local points of interest.

Each room at Casas Kismet received its own dedicated CMS page, thoroughly detailing what it provides. We brought the in-house chef's culinary prowess and the retreat's collaborations with local guides to the forefront. We sprinkled a unique design language throughout the site that aligns with the retreat's brand personality and the natural beauty of its setting, effectively capturing the essence of Casas Kismet.

28 March 2023
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