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Shift Out

Your reliable moving partner in Netherlands, Shift Out makes anything from furniture disassembly to full service relocation easier than ever.

Shift Out Website


The Shift Out project posed a multifaceted challenge. It demanded a thorough rebranding and a multilingual, functional website mirroring the new brand identity for the Netherlands-based moving company.

The website was to feature a cost estimation calculator, volume calculator, blog, and careers section, with personalized pages for each service. The rebranding also encompassed offline elements like car branding and business card design.

Balancing these varied requirements while maintaining a consistent brand image was a hefty task.

Project solution

We began by forging a resonant brand name and identity. The multilingual website challenge in Webflow was tackled with dynamic translations for Dutch and English audiences.

We designed unique service pages with cost and volume calculators using Webflow’s CMS, added a user-friendly blog, and a simplified careers section for easy navigation. Brand consistency was maintained across all touchpoints, including physical branding like car decals and business cards.

Through careful planning and utilizing Webflow's capabilities, we delivered a seamless, user-aligned website for Shift Out.

17 January 2023
Services offered
Marketing strategy
Website design
Front-end development
Shift Out

New visual identity

We selected the Inter font for its readability and modern vibe, boosting the brand's contemporary identity. The end result was a distinctive, professional logo that seamlessly aligned with Shift Out's ethos and resonated well with its target audience.

In crafting Shift Out's brand identity, we aimed for a logo reflecting minimalism, modernity, and professionalism. We opted for a color palette of dark blue, gray, and white, representing trust, balance, and purity, mirroring the company's pledge for reliable, straightforward service. The logo, with its clean lines and modern aesthetic, was fashioned to possess a timeless allure.

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Brand book typography
Brand book typography
Brand book typographyBrand book typography


Brand book typography
Brand book typography
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