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Hero Films is a hybrid agency with production capabilities that aims to streamline workflows while ensuring inclusivity, originality and quality in their film projects

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As we steered the transition from Rich Power Films to Hero Films, the task was to overhaul the website in line with this comprehensive rebranding. Our platform of choice, Webflow, posed unique technical challenges due to its low-code approach. Our mission was to weave an engaging user experience with a bespoke design that would capture the agency's refreshed philosophy and dynamic brand persona. The tricky part was to harmonize the new visual identity with an intuitive interface - a demanding endeavor that further elevated the challenge.

Project solution

To tackle the challenge, we took an all-encompassing route. The initial step involved immersing ourselves in the newly minted philosophy, persona, and visual identity of the brand to ensure an accurate depiction of Hero Films' evolution on the website. Our design and UX teams joined forces, making the most of Webflow's vast features to build a low-code yet highly functional website.

Next on our agenda was to prioritize an engaging user experience. The site was architected to allow for smooth navigation and intuitive interactivity, keeping users intrigued and involved. A fusion of compelling visuals and concise, impactful wording was chosen to encapsulate the brand's philosophy and persona, fostering a strong connection with visitors.

Taking the customization further, we made the website responsive and adaptable to a range of screen sizes and devices, ensuring easy access and a seamless experience for every user. A thorough QA process made certain that the website was more than just visually appealing - it worked without a hitch, striking the perfect balance between the new visual identity and practicality.

In sum, by harnessing Webflow's potential and aligning the website design with Hero Films' fresh branding, we crafted an immersive and inclusive platform that stands as a testament to the agency's dedication to innovation and quality.

28 May 2023
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Website design
Webflow development
Motion design
Hero Films LLC.

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