Website revamp for Rich Power Films

Hero Films

Hero Films is a hybrid agency with production capabilities that aims to streamline workflows while ensuring inclusivity, originality and quality in their film projects

Hero films design


Transitioning from Rich Power Films to Hero Films required a website overhaul to mirror the rebranding. Using Webflow presented technical hurdles due to its low-code nature.

Our goal was to meld an engaging user experience with a custom design reflecting the agency's revamped ethos and vibrant brand persona.

The challenge was to align the new visual identity with an intuitive interface—a demanding yet rewarding endeavor.


To address the challenge, we dived into Hero Films' new brand persona, using Webflow to create a low-code, highly functional website.

Our design and UX teams focused on user engagement, ensuring smooth navigation and interactive design. We combined striking visuals with crisp wording to echo the brand's ethos, ensuring responsiveness across devices for seamless access.

Post thorough QA, the website not only embodied Hero Films' new identity but also offered practical, user-friendly experience, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality.

28 May 2023
Services offered
Website design
Webflow development
Motion design
Hero Films LLC.

Hero new visual identity

Hero logo
Wall mockup of Hero
Hero branding mockup
Brand book hero
Brand book typography

Empowering underrepresented directors

CMS page with 50+ videos

CMS Video page for agency

Output - unique, modern web experience

CMS Video page for agency
CMS Video page for agency
Mobile contact page
Deduxer webflow agency


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Jemel Richards Hero
Jemel Richards
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