Niagara-On-The-Lake’s best kept secret

Kirby Wines

A boutique winery celebrating the unique terroir nestled along the Four Mile Creek in the Niagara Lakeshore sub-appellation.

Undetectable AI design


Kirby Wines, an esteemed vineyard in Niagara, known for its exquisite and finely crafted wines, sought to enhance their digital presence with an e-commerce platform that mirrors the elegance and sophistication of their estate.

In a market flooded with generic online shopping experiences, Kirby Wines needed a website that not only facilitated easy purchasing but also translated the premium nature of their brand and the bespoke experience of tasting their wines.

Project solution

We approached this challenge with a blend of modern web design principles and a deep understanding of luxury branding.

We developed a custom Webflow e-commerce site that provides an immersive user experience, complete with intuitive navigation, detailed product pages, and a streamlined checkout process.

November 2023
Services offered
Web Design
Low-Code Development
Webflow E-commerce
New Republic

New User Interface

Brand book heroBrand book hero
Brand book heroBrand book hero
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Mobile contact page

E-commerce and Licensee Shoping

Mobile contact page
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Brand book hero
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