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Watchful Eye Agency (W&E) is a forward-thinking marketing firm that specializes in turning keen insights into compelling marketing strategies.

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Watchful Eye Agency needed a website as alert and engaging as their approach to marketing.

Deduxer's challenge was to encapsulate their keen insight and dynamic strategy in a design that not only stands out but also interacts uniquely with visitors, ensuring every scroll and click reinforces W&E's vigilant brand identity.


For the Watchful Eye Agency, Deduxer designed an interactive web experience, deftly embodying the agency’s ethos of vigilance and strategic insight.

This project encompassed a multi-page site with dynamic animations, a responsive design for cross-device compatibility, and a robust CMS for seamless content updates. Innovative features like the mouse-tracking eye and page-tearing effects ensure user engagement, while SEO optimization positions W&E for digital prominence.

Our approach was to make W&E not just seen but felt in the digital space, setting a new benchmark for marketing agency websites.

Jan 2024
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3D Design
Motion Design
Web Design

Website design

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